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«Utopia contains the most powerful and mysterious lifeblood in history. It arises from the past to unveil the horizon. Only those who look towards what we do not see, can change, sense and touch the world in a peculiar manner.»

Marc Brousse has developed a new artistic language called «Traitillism», by refining a technique originally discovered by Paul Clodel Cauchard. His drawings are made with ink, charcoal and graphite. Each work is freely drawn by hand, with the naked eye, and without any computational support. Marc is inspired by historic architectural monuments. In his works, the history and mythology of ancient civilizations shines through, but transformed to a higher, surreal level. Marc’s intriguing new architectural forms are based on curved and cylindrical perspectives and  recondition our view of cities and the important role of environment. The artist wants to demonstrate the intimate relationship between Nature and Architecture based on «epigenetic» principles.

Influenced by artists such as François Schuiten (city architecture), M.C. Escher (curves and cylindrical perspective), DeChirico (metaphysical principles), and Jacques Lequeu or Giovanni Battista Piranesi (pictorial and fictitious representations), Marc studied the history of the line from Renaissance to modern times. During his travels he has observed various types of dialogue between Nature and Architecture, including man’s futile attempt of taming Nature. By trying to understand the underlying principles of harmony, and by taking into account environmental aspects, the highly sensitive artist wants to spark new ideas concerning urban development in perfect harmony with Nature.

Biographic Data

  • Born in the South of France in 1984
  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Toulouse (F)
  • Master diploma, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Delft (NL)
  • Working for several years as an architect in Brussels (B) and Amsterdam (NL)
  • Development of «Traitillism» (urban poetry), a new drawing style
  • Since 2015, focus on art: ink and charcoal drawings on paper and canvas; sculptures made of wood, clay and stone
  • Lives and works in Bordeaux (F)

Artist’s website

Selected Exhibitions

Since 2016, Marc has shown his artworks in more than 20 exhibtions in France, Belgium, UK and Switzerland. A selection can be found below:

2020: MIXTURA, group exhibition, WBB GALLERY, Zurich (CH)

2019: TOPOS Project, Hackney Walk, London (UK)

2019: Prix de Dessin «Pierre David-Weill», finalist group show, Paris (F)

2019: Lamarque In Gallery, Crans Montana (CH)

2018: ArtBox Gallery, Basel (CH)

2017: «Art Truc Troc Bozar», Bozar Palace, Brussels (B)

2016: Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London (UK)


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